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RAV 900 Premium conferencing system with a wired controller, three microphone pods and two BOSE wall mount speakers. WIRED 910-153-315 RAV, UPC: 671010533156
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RAV (pronounced rave) is a complete, out-of-the-box audio conferencing system that includes an audio mixer, loudspeakers, microphones and a wireless or wired control device. It can be used as a higher-quality alternative to premium and standard conference phones for stand-alone audio conferencing. It also easily connects to common rich-media devices, such as video or Webconferencing systems, for enhanced audio performance. RAV offers many powerful audio processing technologies from ClearOne’s XAP® product line without the need for complex and costly professional installation and programming.
Distributed Echo Cancellation®, noise cancellation, microphone gating and a drag-and-drop graphical user interface for easy system setup, control and management.
Audio mixer with an integrated telephone interface and amplifier, two Bose® ceiling- or wall-mount speakers, a wireless or wired control unit, RAV-Ware software, and three RAV microphone pods comprised of three microphones each, and a Ethernet control for remote management and configuration capabilities. ClearOne