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ClearOne 910-156-220 Chat 150 Includes Chat 150 speaker phone, Cisco breakout box, for 7940, 7960, and 7970 phones, power adapter, int'l power clips 910-156-220, UPC: 671010562200
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ClearOne Chat 150 Speaker Phone for Enterprise Cisco Phones (910-156-220)

A speaker phone for small conference rooms or executive offices the Chat 150 connects to enterprise telephones, transforming them into high performance conference phones. Users can still utilize the advanced features of their telephone, such as company directory lookup, and now enjoy rich, full-duplex audio performance that is far superior to the built-in speaker function on the phone. Also connects to PCs for VoIP applications. There is no need to pull additional lines into the room to enable conference phone capability just plug the Chat 150 into the phone and begin using.

ClearOne Chat 150 Speaker Phone for Enterprise Cisco Phones (910-156-220) compatible with Cisco 7940, 7960, and 7970 Models

Connectivity to telephone headsets is limited to specific models due to variations in the headset jack to which the Chat 150 connects. The Chat 150 Avaya has been tested for compatibility with Avaya 2400, 4600, and 9600 series phone models. The Chat 150 Cisco has been tested with Cisco 7940, 7960, and 7970 phone models.

ClearOne Chat 150 Enterprise Features

  • Built-in speaker function on the telephone is typically half-duplex with limited microphone and speaker range and performance
  • Chat 150 offers true full-duplex audio, three microphones for 360-degree pickup, and large speaker for unmatched audio performance
  • Advanced ClearOne HD Conference audio processing technologies deliver remarkably rich, full audio for natural, effortless conversations:
    • Distributed Echo Cancellation
    • Noise cancellation
    • Advanced automatic level management
    • True full duplex performance allows user to listen and speak at the same time without audio cutting in and out
  • Three built-in microphones provide full 360-degree coverage up to 8 feet from device
  • Chat 150 also connects to laptops & PCs via USB for hands-free audio for:
    • VoIP softphones
    • Instant Messaging audio chats
    • Web conferences
  • Bridge audio from PC applications with audio on telephone for instant 3-way conference bridge