SKU: 3M710-UT25A
Brand: 3M
3M(TM) 710 25 Pair Splicing Tool 3M710-UT25A "Tool Only" per 3M
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Product Details

710 Splicing Tool designed for consistent, reliable splices. It is a factory-calibrated, low-maintenance tool that makes it fast and easy to create a good splice every time.

The 710 splicing rig allows operators to work more productively. It's color-coded for quick and accurate pair identification, needs no wire retention guides to hold wires in place during splicing, and includes a conductor group holder that makes it easy to keep cables organized. In addition, it's quickly interchangeable for different splicing types--straight, half-tap and bridge. The 710 splicing rig is also completely hand-operated, with no hydraulic equipment needed.