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Brand: Belkin
Network USB Hub
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The F5L009 IS External, 5 ports Your home computers are networked wirelessly, but with all the digital photos, video and music your family has been collecting, they're all running out of hard drive space. And what's more, you and your kids each need access to a printer. With the Belkin Network USB Hub, you can give each computer on your network direct wireless access to up to 15 devices, including an external hard drive to store your family's digital media and a printer that everyone on your network can share. With this convenient, easy-to-install device, the days of purchasing separate printers and peripherals for each of your computers are over. The Belkin Network USB Hub allows you to give every computer connected to your network access to up to 15 USB devices. While the Hub is specifically designed for printers and mass-storage devices, it also works for most other USB devices, including most standard webcams, keyboards and mice, multifunction machines, scanners, and media readers. You can even dock an MP3 player and play music through your USB speakers wirelessly. If your device has a USB connection, chances are that everyone on your network can access it wirelessly. Once the Hub is set up, you simply plug your USB devices into one of its five USB ports, and the Hub seamlessly installs software that makes USB printers and other devices appear to be connected to your network computers. The convenience of this direct USB-connection emulation requires that only one user be linked to each device at a time. So if your daughter is editing video on the external hard drive, the software lets you contact her to request that she disconnects from the drive so you can access it. With printers, the Hub automatically disconnects users after completing a print job, so that other users on your network can print.