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GAI-Tronics Weatherproof, Flush-mount, Keypad Telephone with Emergency Pushbutton, Voice Annunciation Option and Extreme Cold Weather Option, Ramtel Retrofit
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Product Details
RED ALERT Retrofit Emergency Telephones are designed for mounting into existing, non-GAI-Tronics enclosures/stanchions and are intended to replace flush-mount telephones manufactured by Ramtel, Code Blue,and Talk-A-Phone (6-hole mounting pattern).  RED ALERT retrofits provide the same features, functionality, and durability as other RED ALERT Telephones.
Flush-mount telephone with a heavy gauge, brushed stainless steel front panel; includes 12-button Braille keypad, EMERGENCY push button, and CALL (off-hook) button.
Voice Annunciation Option:
The Voice Annunciation option provides the called party (security, police, etc.) the ability to activate a pre-recorded message within the connected RED ALERT telephone.  Each RED ALERT telephone can be programmed locally or remotely for a voice message that will announce the telephone location, provide instructions, or whatever the message requirements are.  A simple DTMF command allows the called party to activate the message at any time during the call.
Extreme Cold Weather Option:
RED ALERT telephones are designed to operate to -20°C. For more extreme low temperatures, an Extreme Cold Weather option is available.  This option provides a plug-in power supply (120 V ac required) to activate an internal “heater” circuit and piezo (non-moving) EMERGENCY and CALL (if applicable) pushbuttons.This design prevents melting snow or ice from freezing the pushbutton activation and allows operation to -40°C.