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GAI-Tronics VoIP, Weatherproof, Flush-mount, Keypad Telephone with Emergency Pushbutton
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RED ALERT Emergency Telephones have been designed for maximum environmental sustainability, high audio quality, and unparalleled monitoring capability. In addition to providing hands-free, two-way communications, a RED ALERT telephone can tell you its location, report call activity, activate up to two peripheral devices, and let you know when it is experiencing problems. When used with our TMA (Telephone Management Application) software, RED ALERT telephones will lower system test and maintenance time (and time is money!) while greatly decreasing liability issues associated with undetected, faulty equipment. No other telephone provides greater features, value, and reliability. Flush-mount telephone with a heavy gauge, brushed stainless steel front panel; includes 12-button Braille keypad, EMERGENCY push button, and CALL (off-hook) button.
  • Standard or SMART (Self-Monitoring And Reporting Technology) Operation
  • Communicates with TMA (Telephone Management Application) Software for Monitoring and Reporting: Microprocessor Health, Stuck Buttons, Failed Speaker or Microphone, Line Interrupt, Call Activity, and Line Integrity.
  • Line-powered
  • ADA Compliant with Braille "Help" Label, and visual "Call Received When Lit" LED.
  • Large "Palm" Emergency Pushbutton
  • Enhanced Audio and Speaker Circuits
  • Microphone Shroud Prevents Water Ingress
  • Vertical Speaker Grill Design Promotes Water Egress
  • Voice Annunciation Option (with low battery monitoring), Local or Remote Programming
  • Extreme Cold Weather Option to -40°C (120 V ac required), Providing Non-Moving Pushbuttons and Power Supply
  • Two Control Outputs (Gate, Door, Alarm, etc.)
  • NEMA 3R Weatherproof Rating
  • CSA Certified, FCC Registered and IC Certified
  • Safety Corner Design (Flush-mount)
  • Available in Analog or VoIP Packages
  • Available in Retrofit Packages for Code Blue, Ramtel, and Talk-A-Phone Replacements urface-mounting;includes EMERGENCY push button.