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**please use H251N** Smaller lighter improved sound 64338-01 Plantronics Accessories, UPC: 017229117396
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Product Details
• Business-critical Reliability and Comfort
Plantronics H251N SupraPlus not only meets or exceeds all specifications set by our existing world-class professional headsets, this family of headsets delivers a new level of all-day, every-day comfort and reliability.

• Improved Audio Quality
In addition to Plantronics standard of excellence in headset sound quality, the H251N SupraPlus delivers improved receive-side audio quality. Now you hear every word more clearly, and you hear it right the first time.

• Stylish, Lightweight Design
The lighter, more flexible cable, comfort headband and T-Pad design, as well as the bendable, intelligent noise-canceling microphone boom work to enhance audio quality and the user experience.

• Plantronics Compatibility
With Plantronics Quick Disconnect™, the H251N SupraPlus works with all Plantronics amplifiers and USB-to-headset adapters. Direct connect Polaris™ versions are also available for headset-ready phones and agent consoles, providing connection flexibility for your diverse working environment.

Key Features and Benefits:

• The new standard in all-day comfort and reliability: The Plantronics H251N expands on the classic corded professional headset style and functionality

• Improved receive-side audio quality: A greater receive-side frequency response improves listening intelligibility.

• Comfortable, lightweight design:  Adjustable headband, foam ear cushions and comfort T-Pad design create a stable, comfortable fit.

• Bendable, intelligent, click-stop boom: Stays in position for clearer voice transmission.

• Smaller, lighter, more flexible cable: Designed for lightweight durability, with a new single-cable design for binaural models.

• Quick call feature: The H251N headband twists out of the way for convenient quick call pick up.

• Monaural or Binaural Styles: Monaural lets you hear the conversation and what’s going on around you. Binaural cuts out distracting background noises.

• Voice Tube™and Noise-Canceling Microphones: Voice tubes are lightweight and unobtrusive and noise-canceling microphones allow clear conversations in noisy environments.

• H-Series or Polaris™: Models: For compatibility with Plantronics amplifiers, USB-to-headset adapters, headset-ready phones and agent consoles.