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VHF 2-5 Watts/ 10-Channels w/ Charging Tray AXV5100
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VHF 2-5 Watts/ 10-Channels w/ Charging Tray
The AXV5100 covers up to 250,000 square feet or 20 floors, helping you: Improve response time, Enhance safety and security Reduce operational costs,Empower employees to accomplish more in less time,Increase overall service and satisfaction,Save money monthly over alternative technologies,VHF radios perform best outdoors and in/around wood structures,The Power of Good Design,These features make the AXV5100 a good choice:Variable power settings for longer battery life or greater range,Designed to meet Military 810 C, D, E specifications,4 Front programmable buttons for quick access to features Advanced voice activation capability (optional accessory required),Cloning capabilities (via software),Dual pin accessory connection.