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910-001-014-B BLACK Ceiling Microphone Array kit for INTERACT AT (PICTURE SHOWS WHITE)
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BLACK Ceiling Microphone Array kit including white microphone array, white ceiling mounting base, 12" white drop-down cable, 24" white drop-down cable, 25' RJ-45 plenum rated cat 5 cable, RJ45 receptacle to XLR-M mixer adaptor cable. - One Ceiling Microphone Array enhances any conferencing application which demands high-quality audio. The Ceiling Microphone Array is easily installed and combines affordability with exceptional audio quality. - One Ceiling Microphone Array features three wide-range microphones mounted together into a single unit array, providing the rich sound of three individual unidirectional microphones while maintaining full 360 degree coverage. - Free up your table space while maintaining superior audio performance with Clear - One Ceiling Microphones. Three, wide-range microphones in each unit provide full, 360-degree audio pickup for medium to large conference rooms, overflow areas and training rooms. Drop-ceiling installation is simple, with different options of RJ45 Cat 5/6/7, plenum-rated cables to match your needs. - One professional or premium conferencing system with this unobtrusive microphone option without impeding audio quality. The number of microphones is limited only by your mixer, allowing you to scale the installation for any room. Depending on your room setup, each microphone covers as much as an 8-foot radius. Each unit provides audio quality rivaling that of three, separate, professional ceiling microphones arranged for the same 360-degree coverage. - The individual microphones in each array utilize Clear - One's powerful, auto-mixer features. Adaptive ambient gating controls constantly adjust to changing environmental noise and counteract unwanted audio. First Microphone Priority eliminates any hollow-sounding audio by balancing the elements, focusing audio pickup on the person speaking and maximizing audio clarity. See above documents tab for specifications.