SKU: LW2031
Lorex LW2031 Baby monitoring system - wireless - 2.4 GHz 1 camera(s) - 2.4"
Price: $275.00
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LOREX (Strategic Vista), LW2031

Simply connected. Simply aware.

Key Features
The connected video monitor for home and away
View over the Internet using Skype
Instantly. Wirelessly. Simply connected.
Private and secure
Everything you need to stay aware

The connected video monitor for home and away.
Meet Lorex LIVE connect, a video home monitor as versatile and connected as you are. The LIVE connect is a breakthrough for parents, families, pet-owners, or care-givers that need to stay aware of everything happening in their home. LIVE connect is an easy-to-use portable home monitor that features remote viewing over the Internet using Skype. Users can log onto Skype and access the camera from anywhere in world. It's as easy a making a Skype call! At home, keep an eye on things with the included handheld LCD monitor. See and hear family members around the house. Use the handheld monitor to record video and capture snapshots of those precious, unforgettable moments. Expand the system up to four cameras (sold separately) and you can remotely jump from camera to camera to get a complete picture of what's happening in your home.

View your little ones while away from home

Keep an eye on pets
See the new addition to your family

Spend time with grandchildrenView over the Internet using Skype
LIVE connect is plugged into the world’s most well-known, most widespread, and most trusted internet communication software â€" Skype. A certified Plugged into Skype product, LIVE connect works like a Skype contact, so with a simple video call, you can access the camera anywhere, any time. Connect vis Skype from a PC, Mac, iPhone 4/3GS, or iPad and iPad 2.
Instantly. Wirelessly. Simply connected.
With LIVE connect, there’s no need to leave your computer on or have Skype running. The included Gateway makes the LIVE connect a cut-above other home monitors. Always connected, always on, always ready. With a mouse-click you can see what LIVE connect sees: meet the new addition to the family; check in on elderly loved ones; see your baby while away on a business trip; or make sure that your new puppy isn't chewing up the furniture. Grandma and Grandpa can even spend time with their grandchildren from half a world away. With the LIVE connect, your world is closer to you than ever before.
Private and secure
Rest easy knowing that your family's privacy is safeguarded with Lorex LIVE connect. The digital wireless signal uses FHSS technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) for crystal clear video and audio, and to ensure that the transmission cannot be picked up by neighbors.

Award-winning innovationEverything you need to stay aware
At home, the LIVE connect provides everything you need to increase your awareness. See and hear with the included handheld monitor, featuring a bright 2.4-inch color LCD screen and listen-in audio. Place the wireless portable camera anywhere you need an extra set of eyes and take the handheld monitor with you anywhere you go around the house. Overnight, ensure your little one is alright without the risk of waking them up. See in complete darkness with the camera's built-in automatic night vision. You can also record video and snap photos to capture what is on screen at all times. If you are in another room and notice something special on your monitor, take a snapshot or quick video wirelessly with your handheld monitor. Store your memories in the included microSD card, or copy them to your computer to share on social networking sites with your family and friends.
Lorex LIVE connect: Simply connected. Simply aware.