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Lorex LW2401 Baby monitoring system - wireless - 2.4 GHz 1 camera(s) - 3.5"
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Product Details
LOREX (Strategic Vista), LW2401

Product Highlights

  • 3.5" LCD Color Handheld Monitor
  • Wireless Night Vision Camera
  • Visibility up to 15' (5 m) at Night
  • One-touch & Sound Activated Recording
  • microSD Memory Card (1 GB)
  • Remote Viewing via Skype
  • Built-in Lullabies & Temperature Sensor
  • Open Effective Range 150' (Indoor)
  • Secure Signal Transmission
  • Add up to 3 Additional Cameras

The Lorex LW2401 LIVE Sense Video Baby Monitor not only lets you observe your baby but also lets you monitor temperature, talk to him, and keep track of feeding times. This surveillance package comes with a 3.5” handheld, LCD color monitor, a wireless camera with 2-way audio, monitor charging cradle, and 1 GB microSD memory card.

Watching over your baby, day or night, is no problem with this camera’s integrated night vision feature that offers crystal clear imagery up to a distance of 15’ (5 m). Besides allowing you to talk to your baby, this camera also incorporates lullabies so that you can have your baby sung to sleep. An electronic thermometer lets you check the temperature in your baby’s room and alerts you if it goes above or below a range selected by you.

Capturing you baby’s memorable moments has never been easier with the one-touch and sound activated recording features this unit harbors. Captured video can be stored on the included MicroSD card (1 GB), played back on the handheld monitor, or transferred onto your computer. Moreover, on connecting the handheld monitor to your computer (via USB), you can see what your baby is doing via Skype from anywhere in the world.

The monitor can also be used as an audio monitor with the LCD turned off, eliminating glare while you sleep. The monitor also has lights that indicate the sound level in your baby’s room, alerting you to a crying baby even if you are in a noisy room yourself. Also, this completely portable monitor recharges at a docking cradle that does not use wires, for a clutter free installation.

You can integrate up to 3 additional cameras, expanding this unit with your family or as your baby begins to crawl. The monitor can be set to auto switch between cameras, or display feed from all 4 cameras on the same screen simultaneously.


Equipped with a CMOS image sensor, the camera captures images at a resolution up to 656 x 488 (NTSC)
Talk to and soothe your baby even when you are in a different room with the 2-way audio between camera and monitor
Crystal clear automatic night vision helps you to keep an eye on baby all night long
Features built-in lullabies, intercom, room-temperature monitor, and feeding timer


3.5" LCD color monitor is completely portable and rechargeable and displays images at a resolution of up to 320 x 240 pixels
Audio indicator lights on the monitor alert you of increase in sound levels in your baby's room
Connect the handheld monitor to your computer and keep track of your baby's movements via Skype from anywhere
Charges at a docking cradle, eliminating messy wires
Also works as an audio monitor with the LCD turned off


Capture videos at the touch of a button or on hearing your baby and store it on the included MicroSD card (1 GB)
Watch saved videos on the handheld monitor or transfer onto your computer and upload to share with family and friends
Also transfer images to your computer via a USB port

Thinking about the Future

Add up to 3 additional cameras as your family grows or your baby begins to crawl
Monitor can be configured to auto switch between the camera, or all the 4 cameras can be viewed on the screen simultaneously

Secure, Interference-Free Digital Signal

Features an unobstructed effective range of 150' (46 m) indoors and 450' (138 m) outdoors
Digital technology (FHSS) ensures a private and secure signal between the camera and handheld monitor
Thanks to 2.4 GHz wireless technology, this system is free from interference from phones, microwaves, game controllers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices