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Tough SMART Handset Telephone (Keypad)
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Tough SMART Handset Telephone (Keypad) The phone operates on a standard analog phone line. It is solely powered from the phone line and not requires a battery or external power source. A call is initiated by lifting the handset and using the keypad to dial. The phone is tone dialing. The phone housing is vandal resistant, weatherproof and withstands corrosive environments. The housing is constructed of cast aluminum. The door a spring return that self-latches when released from a 90 degree open position. The door hinge is not exposed when the in the closed position. A stainless steel panel is removable from the rear section of the housing to access the phone electronics and telephone line connection. The panel secured to the housing with tamper-resistant hardware. The housing is oval shaped. The handset is "G" style with volume control, noise canceling and a hearing aid compatible