3PHNE# DISTINCT RING SR3 Modem/Gateway Accessories
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Product Details

Direct your distinctive ring calls to the phone(s), fax, answering machine, modem or any device(s) you designate with either product from Multi-Links SR Selective Ring Call Processor series.

-Once installed on your home or office telephone line, the SR Call Processor listens to incoming calls to determine ring pattern. The SR series is great for separating business from personal calls, fax from voice calls, TDD from voice calls, etc...It can turn your answering machine into a distinctive ring answering machine. Your fax number rings the fax, your voice number rings your phones, etc...on a SINGLE phone line.

-The SR3 is designed for the usual two distinctive ring services offered by most phone companies. The SR3 distinctive ring device can process three separate distinctive rings as offered in some enhanced phone services. SR3 offer a barge-in protection function.

-All SR products feature the Smartware embedded software that learns your phone companys specific distinctive ring patterns.

Eliminates Need for Additional Dedicated Lines
Works with phone company call forwarding and call waiting.
Individual phone numbers for your fax, voice, and/or modem
No Misdirected Calls
Saves Money
100per Accurate 100per Dependable

2 Year Warranty
110-125 VAC
12-15 VAC at PowerJack
1.9 Watts