2 LINE, 4 PORT FAX SWITCH Stick special order , 60 pcs STICK-II Modem/Gateway Accessories
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Product Details

The Stick II is a true two line, commercial grade call processor (2x5) that screens and automatically routes all voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment every time - eliminating the need for costly dedicated phone lines.This unit can answer up to two telco lines and route to five independent ports to maximize line usage in small or large office environments. Outbound line hunt, call conferencing and transfer are useful extras that add value to this feature laden unit.The Stick II works with two standard POTS lines and answers inbound calls at the first sign of ring voltage -- simultaneously if necessary! After The StickII goes off-hook, it immediately screens for CNG (fax) and DTMF transfer codes. During this ? 5.5 sec processing period, a bell spec ring back is issued out to the calling party. Once a transfer command is received, the call is routed to the corresponding port. In the absence of fax/transfer codes, the call is defaulted to the voice ports. Alternate ports can be assigned and routed to if the initial default port is busy. For outbound calls, the ports automatically search for the open line but can be assigned a line select priority or restriction. The Stick-II is programmed by touch tones from a phone key pad. It is possible to call into the unit on one line and access the dial tone on the other line.

  • One Year Warranty
  • Extremely flexible touchtone programming
  • Conferencing
  • Broad compatibility with telephony equipment and Telco services
  • Internal busy signal
  • Call grab and transfer
  • Outbound line hunt
  • Port-to-port data transfer
  • Call in , dial out capability
  • Toll free tech support