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GAI-Tronics 12509-042
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12509-042 Telephone Management Application (TMA) Package; Analog/ VoIP

GAI-Tronics 12509-042 TMA is a maintenance data-collection and reporting tool that allows users to view and report the health of RED ALERT Emergency Telephones or SMART Industrial Telephones. The software application is compatible with Windows XP, Win dows 7, and Windows 8 and is intended for use on a dedicated PC. The Graphical User Interface provides a visual indication of each telephone’s status and activity. TMA can be programmed to provide an audible alert or send an email if a fault conditio n exists. When connected to TMA, each telephone will be automatically recognized and "logged in" for SMART (Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology) operation. After physical installation and connection to the system, station level details and system operating parameters are easily programmed into the TMA software. Many features of TMA are completely user configurable to provide maximum flexibility.


  • Windows- based Software Application (XP, 7, and 8)
  • Automatic "Polling" of RED ALERT or SMART Telephones
  • Monitors and Reports Health and Activity of Both Analog and VoIP Telephones
  • Includes Transceiver, Interface Cables, Security Key, and Software CD
  • Summary Report or Individual Fault Status Emailing
  • Supports up to 8 Transceivers for Simultaneous Polling of Multiple Analog Telephones
  • Unlimited Polling Quantity of VoIP Telephones
  • Reports Telephone Health/faults, Line Faults, and Telephone Activity
  • Programmable Operating Parameters
  • Graphical User Interface for "At a Glance" Status Indication