SKU: SPH101-100NAS
Brand: Netgear
Corded SPH101-100NAS Skype Certified WiFi Phone
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Product Details

Skype frees you to walk around untetheered anywhere within a WiFi network to which to have access, while you talk to other Skype users worldwide. An intuitive on-screen menu lets you see who is online and available to talk. Using SkypeOut, for a small fee, you can make calls to mobile and traditional landline phone users. The SkypeIn option receives calls from non-Skype users. Skype Voicemail takes your calls when you’re busy or offline. Skype uses secure and encrypted communication so nobody’s able to listen in. The wireless mobile phone is WiFi compatible 802.11g, and is backwards compatible with 802.11b.

  Product Features:

    • Calls anyone on Skype, anywhere in the world for free, without using a PC
    • Makes calls wherever you have open WiFi access
    • Communicates with ordinary phones worldwide for pennies a minute
    • Manages your contact list and displays who's available to talk
    • Can forward your calls to your mobile, landline or to another Skype Name