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Variable Pattern,Programable Black
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The Astatic 930VP is a superior, low noise, multi-pattern surface mounted boundary microphone. The 930VP is equipped with a multi-function mute and switch selectable high-pass filter. It’s ideal for use on altars, conference tables, stage floors, or television production. The 930VP electronics features an advanced transformerless design, and is self-contained to eliminate the need for mounting any external boxes. Cardioid, supercardioid, figure eight, omni-directional or any polar pattern in-between can be selected at the installation site to provide the best gain before feedback. The 930VP contains a soft touch membrane switch with an LED indicator light. The membrane switch is programmable for push-to-talk, push-to-mute or push/on/off. The 930VP is equipped with a switch selectable 12 dB per octave hi-pass filter that is perfect for eliminating low frequency rumble. The die-cast zinc base and perforated steel screen construction makes this microphone extremely rugged. The foam filter located under the steel screen suppresses pops and wind noise. The 930VP can be permanently mounted on most flat surfaces using the two mounting holes located on the bottom of the microphone. When mounted on a flat surface, the 930VP will take advantage of the “boundary effect” increase in signal to noise ratio. The 930VP comes with 30 feet of detachable, high quality microphone cable that has a miniature 3-pin connector on the microphone end and a professional XLR-type connector on the opposite end. Continuously variable pick-up pattern selector Potentiometer. Programmable feather-touch membrane switch. Selectable Push-To-Talk or Push-To-Mute. Selectable power up ON or power up MUTED. Selectable bass roll-off filter (12dB/oct @ 200Hz). Status LED, Special energy absorbing shock mount compound on bottom, Security control cover, Available in white.