SKU: AMC105-2-19
Brand: Astatic
AMC105-2 with 19" Gooseneand 6 ' Cable
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The AMC 105-2 is a dual zone omnidirectional microphone designed especially for fixed or gooseneck mounting in quality sound installations. A smooth, wide band frequency response with a slight "presence” boost at 2kHz, gives a natural, crisp, highly intelligible sound. Two DPDT sealed micro switches, with color coded buttons for easy identification, permits paging in two areas, and an all-call feature is obtained by depressing both buttons simultaneously. The AMC105-2 is extremely rugged and reliable, and will stand up under the most strenuous handling conditions to provide years of dependable service. Low impedance, wired normally open, 2 DPDT sealed switches, 19" heavy-duty gooseneck, 2 3/4" heavy-duty flange, 6' heavy duty cable.

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