GN10VP discont, replaced by 905R

Astatic 905R Line-Cardioid Condenser Mini-Gooseneck Mic - Black
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GN10VP discont, replaced by 905R
GN10VP discont, replaced by 905R
Product Details
10" Variable Polar Pattern Gooseneck Condenser Mic

The line-cardioid polar pattern (LocusTM technology) is engineered to attenuate unwanted sources outside of the +/- 45 degree acceptance angle while effectively "zeroing-in" on the desired speaker. Astatic's LocusTM technology provides a significant improvement over other line-cardioid microphones due to diaphragm size and low-noise electronics. The 905R is appropriate for applications such as boardrooms, courtrooms, house of worship and anywhere a gooseneck microphone with optimal distance pick-up is needed. LocusTM technology allows the installer to use the 905R in place of longer miniature-gooseneck microphones without sacrificing performance. It is the perfect solution for the user who prefers not to be distracted by an obtrusive transducer. It is a commercial-grade microphone featuring an all-metal body. The 8mm steel memory-flex gooseneck and ultra-quiet movement provide for worry-free, life-long microphone operation. Special attention has been taken to design the 905R with improved RF immunity to greatly reduce susceptibility to radio interference from GSM based cell phones, PDA/cell phones with walkie-talkie capability and other similar devices.
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